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   CNC milling machine  
   CNC lathe machines - diam. from O10 to O400mm
- max.working length L=800 mm
Universal lathe machines PA,TNP,VDF - diam. from O10 to O500mm
- max.working length L=2500 mm
   Revolver lathe machines R-5 - diam. from O20 to O300 mm
- max. working length L=400 mm
   Automatic lathe machines HRA, ATR,BRT, PF - max diam. to O50 mm
- diam. from Φ10 to O250 mm
- max. working lenght L=180 mm
   Copier lathe machines SP,ITITA - diam. from O10 to O120 mm
- max.working lenght L=750 mm
   Lathe machines US,TG-125, HN - diam. from O5 to O30 mm
- max. working lenght L=250 mm
   Milling machine GUK-3P, PGU, UHG-290 - working table dimensions 400x1600 mm, longitudinal lenght L=1120mm  
- transversal lenght L=355 mm
   Milling machine ALG-200, FB-25,ALG100 - working table dimensions 250x1030-  longitudinal lenght L=500 mm
   Gearing machines - to max. module m= 8
   Driling machines - max diam.of drilling up to O50 mm - working table 450x560
   Thread cutting machines - max. thread M30 - max lenght od thread cutting L=120
   Coordinate drilling machine - working table 630x1120mm - precision 0,001 mm
   Machines for deep drilling - D max=30 mm - L max=360 mm
   Honing machine - D max=120 mm - L=350 mm
   Grinding machines - max diam. to O360mm, max lenght L=3000 mm, max.weight 300kg
   No drilled blind grinding machine - max.diam. to O130 mm - lenght L=350 mm
   Surface Grinder machine - working table 300x1000mm
   Machine for ultrasonic washing of pieces - degreasing, washing and passivation of pieces
   Cutting material machine - max diam. from O5mm to O450mm
   Power pressing machine - power of the press from 16 t to 63 t
   Bending machine - max.diam.of bending O50 mm
   Sanding machine - sanding parts of small and medium sizes
   Embossing machine - embossing thread to O40mm and thread pitch 2-3mm
   Leveling and tying machine - leveling to the max diam. O200 mm and max L=1300mm
   Polishing machine - polishing pistons and smaller pieces
   Sharpening machine - sharpening tools and making cutting tools and other tools
Industrial Center Savic (ICS) can provide you with machining and thermal treatment services on all types of modern materials. The following table gives a brief overview of the machines we own:
Copyright 2013 by INDUSTRIJSKI CENTAR SAVIC    All Rights reserved    E-Mail:
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