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8 Marta b.b.
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Business terms
Unless otherwise defined in a separate contract, the Industrial Center Savić performs business under the following conditions:


Our agreed prices include the delivery of goods by the parity EXW (according to INCOTERMS),  ICS Factory. The price is without costs for packaging and without the possible cost of insurance and customs charges. Loading costs are ours, by the ICS. Costs that require special loading, heavy works and assembly will be charged to the buyer, unless otherwise agreed. Our prices are expressed in net amount, exclusive of VAT.

        2. Usage Terms

Our invoices can be paid within 30 (thirty) days, from the delivery date of goods and invoicing, unless otherwise specified in the contract. Upon expiry of this deadline, the Buyer is in a state of delay of payment and the Buyer will be charged with the default interest which is legally prescribed. Furthermore, if the buyer is in a delay of payment, ICS reserves the right to stop the delivery of all subsequent orders and request an advance payment.

        3.Transport and Insurance

Upon leaving the ICS factory circuit, any costs, delays, damages, will be charged to the Buyer. All possible consequences are a matter of the buyer, and the buyer is obliged to establish contact with the appropriate transporter and to establish insurance for the eventual damage.


All complaints about the delivered goods will be taken into consideration if they are mentioned to us within 8 (eight) days from the receipt of the shipment.

         5. Delivery time

Delivery deadlines will be fully respected from our side. However, if there is a delay in delivery, it does not give the buyer the right to cancel the order or to claim damages in any form. For orders that we are not able to deliver due to the loss of materials on the market, damage to machines and tools or the impossibility of transportation to the desired destination, we reserve the right to annul. We will notify the Buyer in a timely manner. Evidentional receivables are excluded.

         6.Time validity deadline

Unless otherwise stated, our offers have a validity of two months.

These BUSINESS CONDITIONS are an integral part of each our contract
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